Beach Front

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Listing # 088336

Listing # 088336
For Sale
$15 To $60.00 EC Per sq. ft. Dollars - Land

Egmont Development Is one of Grenada’s best kept secrets,  the upscale residential development situated on the Egmont peninsular; which lies between the world famous Calivigny Island Resort and Fort Judy,…

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9,778 Sq. Ft. to just over 3 Acre Sq. Ft.

Listing # 088327

Listing #  088327
For Sale, Reduced Price
$250,000 EC Dollars - Land

La Tante (Price Reduction) Price has been reduced for quick sale on one acre of flat land along the La Tante beach road, this property is situated approximately two hundred yards…

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43560 Sq. Ft.