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Listing # 800303

Offers Invited Close to
$2,830,734.00 EC Dollars - Foreclosures

Paradise Bay Resort  This ocean view beach front property located on the east coast of the island on a hill with two beach fronts.  This property consist…

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9 Acres

Listing # 800330

For Sale
$958,729.00 EC Dollars - Foreclosures

Grand Bras St. Andrew We offer for sale a beautifully well laid out family home, sitting on 1.3 acres or 60,155 square feet this property…

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60,155 Sq. Ft. 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 1 Garage

Listing # 800316

New Reduced Price
$643,355.00 Reduced Price EC Dollars - Foreclosures

Union (C13) We offer for sale a commercial building located at Union in St. Mark covering a floor area of 4,800 square feet sitting on 22,805…

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22,805 Sq. Ft. 2 Garages

Listing # 800323

$299,838.00 Reduced Price EC Dollars - Foreclosures

A Modern Home (R41) A  two story home measures 1,907 square feet and sitting on a 4,838 square foot lot of land is being offered…

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4,838 Sq. Ft. 4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

Listing # 800314

$353,395.00 Reduced Price EC Dollars - Foreclosures

St. Andrew’s Commercial Residential Investment. (RC4) We offer for sale on instructions from the lending agency a partly completed commercial residential building sitting on 10,580…

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10,580 Sq. Ft. 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

Listing # 800321

New Reduced Price, Temporarily Off Market
$389,656.00 Reduced Price EC Dollars - Foreclosures

Birchgrove (R33) We offer for sale the under mentioned distressed property, this property  sits on two acres of grounds  and has the potential to self finance…

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2 Acres 4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

Listing # 800329

New Reduced Price
$841,500.00 EC Dollars - Foreclosures

Bathway (R40) A distressed  property with tremendous ocean views privacy is being offered for sale at an attractive bargain price of $841,500,000.00 EC dollars; This property…

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19350 Sq. Ft. 5 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms

Listing # 800327

Serious Offers are Invited
$1,250,000.00 EC Dollars - Foreclosures

Church Street For sale is a prime reinforced concrete two floor building located on Church Street formerly used as a commercial bank?  This building is…

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1,600 Sq. Ft. Per Floor 2 Bathrooms

Listing # 800326

For Sale
$190,000.00 EC Dollars - Foreclosures

Residential / Commercial Land. We are offering for sale along the Morne Jaloux / Marian Main Road 16,879.50 Sq. Ft. of sloping land this corner…

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16,879.50 Sq. Ft.

Listing # 800325

$951,465.00 EC Dollars - Foreclosures

A wonderful investment property in the Grand Anse area that is in close proximity to the world famous Grand Anse Beach is being offered for…

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12 Bedrooms

Listing # 800324

Temporarily Off Market
$382,500.00 Price EC Dollars - Foreclosures

 Gouyave St. John A tiny two floor house sitting on 2,817 square feet of land is being offered for sale; this house covers a foot…

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2,817 Sq. Ft. 4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

Listing # 800322

For Sale
$448,931.00 Price EC Dollars - Foreclosures

St. Patrick We offer for sale a residential property consisting of a two floor home situated on 16,335 square feet of land; the first floor…

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16,335 Sq. Ft. 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms